As companies move into the global economy their businesses and concerns also expand across borders. International mergers, global securities offerings, international licensing and distribution strategies may pose potential risks in multiple jurisdictions.

Our experienced multinational litigation team handles high-stake litigation cases and continues to deal with ground breaking legal matters in this regard.

We assist our clients to resolve their disputes in such a manner that promotes their business objectives efficiently and effectively, whether it is through arbitration and/or litigation, but in such a manner, that promotes their business objectives. Moreover, we support our clients to develop compliance programs and other techniques to minimize future litigation risks.

We specialize in:

  • Antitrust and Competition Law – Advise on and defend antitrust litigation and regulatory investigation. We provide counseling on whether business strategies are likely to be challenged under the laws while obtaining regulatory approvals.
  • Commercial – Advise on various litigation matters pertaining to different aspects of business transactions.
  • Employment – Assist domestic and international clients in disputes regarding executive compensation and contracts, claims of discrimination and employment related arbitration.
  • Environment - Defend claims and advice on risk management.
  • Intellectual Property – Provide protection of intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademarks, designs and patents.
  • Information Technology – Cover computer, software, data and telecommunications law.
  • Product Liability – Advise on issues relating to the consumer, manufacturing, retail, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, and transport sectors.
  • Public Law – Advise public bodies