With the increasing number of expatriates residing in the UAE and GCC, there has been a growing need for lawyers who can execute separation agreements, custody conditions and obtain divorce judgments.
Helene Mathieu Legal Consultants handles all family law and non-contested separation agreements and divorce matters for expatriates living abroad.

We advise our clients on their legal rights and help them reach informed decisions regarding the best course of action to be adopted. In the event that negotiation is required, we protect our clients' rights to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

We specialize in:
• Child and Spousal Support.
• Custody Matters.
• Marriage Agreements (Pre-nuptial Agreements).
• Matters arising from Common Law Relationships.
• Mediation Sessions
• Property Division
• Representation in Court with our Local Partner.
• Separation Agreements and Divorce.
• Settlement Negotiations.